MZ5B - CQWW CW - November 2013
The Eshaness Lighthouse in a November Grey Line, with the MZ5B 80m vertical in the foreground. Radio conditions at 60 degree North are subject to regular and severe disturbances by Aurora. Ian G3WVG operating on 80m as MZ5B from Shetland during CQWW CW 2013. Previous operations from Shetland were for the CQWW CW Contests in 2001 and 2006 as MZ5A and in 2007, 2009 and 2012 as MZ5B.
There are not many gaps in the 80m openings from Shetland during CQWW CW. First hour rate: 168 QSOs. Spectacular sea-scape near the Eshaness Lighthouse on Shetland.
The CQWW CW Shetland Multipliers : Stewart GZ3F, Hans MZ8A, Ian MZ5B and Hans GZ5Y.
The 80m vertical at MZ5B was a 20m high Spider-Pole with a single wire for the antenna.

However you can never have enough radials for an 80m vertical!

The empty drum reels that contained the wire for the radials are in the photo on the left.
.... and here's a bottle of the local Shetland Ale ....
MZ5B used a local skimmer with an 80m dipole as the receive-only antenna. The Grey Line can be seen here at 1330z with the Terminator not far to the North of Shetland. The local skimmer shows it is hearing BY1CW, BY5CD, JT1DA, JT5DX and several JAs. Not the sort of callsigns you'd usually expect to see at lunchtime on 80m!