The RSGB's G3T G3U G3V QSL Sub-Bureau
Pic Check below to see the status of the most recent shipments of QSLs to the G3T, G3U and G3V series. The tables also show the number of SASEs that you have left on file following the most recent shipment. If you have "0" SASEs, please send more Stamped and Self Addressed Envelopes (with "Large" stamps):
G3T QSLs : Sep 2022

G3U QSLs : Sep 2022

G3V QSLs : Sep 2022

The G3T G3U G3V QSL Sub-Bureau distributes incoming cards to RSGB Members. Cards are not distributed to non-Members. If you do not wish to receive cards, please say so clearly during your QSOs and also on

However if you do
receive Bureau cards, Amateur Radio courtesy suggests that you should then reply to them. Thanks.
Nigel G3TXF spends much time sorting cards, whether it's for his own DX-Trip cards or for the RSGB's G3T-G3U-G3V QSL Sub-Bureau.
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SASEs (Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes) for the G3T-G3U-G3V collectors. Part of the G3U and G3V shipment in early May 2015. Total 114 letters and packages. Small purpose made boxes are used rather than envelopes for larger quantities of QSLs.
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Thanks Pat G3GMC !

In early 2007, after fifteen years, Pat G3GMC retired from running the G3-R-S-T QSL Sub-Bureau. The G3-R-S-T Bureau was then split into three with Roger G3SXW doing G3S, Nigel G3TXF doing G3T and Derek G3RAU doing G3R.

We are all grateful to Pat G3GMC for her huge amount of work in running the QSL Bureau for these three busy letter-blocks G3R, G3S and G3T so efficiently for so many years.

Photo : Nigel G3TXF, Roger G3SXW, Pat G3GMC, Tony G3SNN, Martyn G3RFX and Phil G3SWH at the G3-R-S-T QSL Sub-Bureau hand-over meeting and Thank-You Lunch in Bristol in January 2007

73 - Nigel G3TXF
G3T G3U G3V QSL Bureau
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