G3TXF : Home QTH

Weybridge, Surrey WAB : TQ06

G3TXF : seen here making a QSO between filling in QSLs!
In the shack :
  • Rig : FT-1000 MP
  • Amp : Quadra VL-1000
  • ETM-3 Keyer

Antennas at home :

  • KT34A Tri-bander (at 18m)
  • D3W Rotary Dipole (at 20m)
  • 40m Rotary Dipole (at 20m): having "something which turns" really makes a huge difference on 40m.
  • 80m dipole with centre at 17m high
  • 160m dipole bent into garden. Operating 160m from home is not much fun because of the high and variable levels of local QRN - computers, TV's etc etc.
Versatower heavy-duty P60 masts supports KT34A beam with the WARC-band and 40m dipoles crossed at about 5ft above the beam.
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