GB5HQ - 20m CW - 2004

Roger G3SXW, Nigel G3TXF, Ian G3WVG operating from near Woolacombe, North Devon

A multi-operator, multi-location GB5HQ entry was made in the July 2004 IARU Contest. The full details of this second major effort in the HQ section of the IARU Contest by the UK's RSGB can be found on The main GB5HQ website includes details of each of the twelve band-mode stations operating as GB5HQ around the UK.

This page describes the operation on just one of the twelve band-mode stations : 20m CW, which was operated by (l to r in shack photo just below) Nigel G3TXF, Ian G3WVG and Roger G3SXW, from near Woolacombe in North Devon.

Two separate 4el 20m yagis were used at the GB5HQ 20m CW station, each mounted on 80ft mobile trailers. One antenna was an ancient HyGain 204BA and the other a Cushcraft 204CD kindly loaned by Fred G4BWP.

A third mobile trailer was used for a 4el 15m yagi which was used with a spotting receiver. For spotting there was also a 40m sloper.

Ian G3WVG provided all the necessary computers for running the station as well as for connecting to the live WriteLog. There were four computers running in the shack throughout the contest: (a) separate PCs for both the run station and the multiplier/log station, (b) a PC to provide a second internet access (at the spotting station) and (c) a PC for continuously displaying the W6EL propagation map (on 20m).

The photo (r) shows some of the mess of computer, telephone and RF cables on the floor behind the operating table!

Three HF beam antennas were installed for the 2004 IARU Contest: two 20m beams and one 15m beam. The photo (l) shows the HyGain 204BA being installed by Ian G3WVG onto a luffed over 80ft mobile trailer tower.

The photo also provides a glimpse of the excellent take-off towards the South West. Baggy Point (near Woolacombe) can be seen in the foreground. Hartland Point is also visible on the horizon. The South West is a particularly good direction from this QTH, whether it's for working South Americans, JA on the long-path or the USA on a skew path!

The photo (r) shows the Cushcraft 204CD being mounted onto an 80ft mobile trailer tower.

Ian G3WVG is again up on the platform, while Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF stay close to ground level.

The photo also shows the take-off to the North from the QTH. The coast of South Wales can be seen across the Bristol Channel. Morte Point (which is close to the QTH) is the headland where the Bristol Channel becomes the Atlantic Ocean.

The three operators at the 20m CW GB5HQ station are seen here behind the three operating positions: Roger G3SXW (who shared the operating with Ian G3WVG) is standing behind the main operating position (FT-1k-MP MkV Field with an Alpha 89 on the table behind). Ian G3WVG is behind the central position which was used for keeping an eye on the log and on the computers. Nigel G3TXF is behind the right-hand screen next to a TS-570DG which was used for spotting on 15m and 40m as well as for communications with other GB5HQ stations.
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