CDXC AGM and Summer Social : Saturday 22 July 2018 : Peppard Common, Henley
Don G3XTT presents the G3NUG Trophy to Tim M0URX (collecting the trophy on behalf of Rob MW0RLJ).
Martin M0BCT at the Peppard Common CDXC AGM venue.
About 40 CDXC members and guests attended the 2018 CDXC AGM andSummer Social.
Don G3XTT with the CDXC flag.
Tony G2NF.
Roger G3LDI receives Hinson Trophy.
Derek G4VWI, Tony G2NF, Don G3BJ and Hilary G4JKS.
The G3RFX Award was awarded to Paul MM0ZBH.
CDXC Committee members: Don G3XTT, Chris G3SVL, Tony G4LDL, Andrew G8GNI.
Gill, Sheila, Jenny and Glenys helping out with the CDXC Buffet which was organised by Janet and Helena Field.
CDXC Chairman speaks out : ".....please would you all just stop continuously banging on about FT8!" "20% Off Anything" prize voucher from Nevada : " ... but don't waste it on buying a single PL259!".
Raffle prizes were kindly offered by Kenwood, ML&S etc
Mike G3SED (Nevada) and Don G3XTT (Practical Wireless).
CDXC Treasurer G8GNI, Roger G3LDI, Andrew M0NKR and Tim M0URX.
Roger G3KMA and Chris G3SVL.
Many trophies and salvas were awarded at the CDXC AGM.
Part of the CDXC 2018 Summer Social buffet.
Thanks to Hilary G4JKS for the CDXC Raffle Winners photos:
"Oh no, not another one...!" Roger G3KMA wins an IOTA Directory in the CDXC Raffle.
John G3VPW wins the BHi prize.
Tony G4LDL accepts ML&S prize on behalf of James M1DST. Chairman Chris G3SVL and Secretary Tony G4LDL coordinate proceedings at the AGM.
David M0DHO wins the Kenwood CDXC raffle prize. Nick G3RWF wins the Nevada "20% off anything" voucher. Tim M0URX wins the FT-818ND donated by Yaesu UK.
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