G3TXF : Dismantling a DX station in Surrey

After 33 years (and many new DXCC Challenge points!) G3TXF goes QRT from Weybridge, Surrey.

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G3TXF's 60ft Versatower is lowered ready to disassemble the antennas. Fred G4BWP and Kerry G8VR dismantling the OptiBeam 9-5.
pic 19   pic 20
Ian G3WVG prepares to dismantle the lower (and heavy) tower section.   Digger Dave attempts to break up the concrete around the base-post
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The G3TXF QSL Archive was at one time home to over 500,000 QSLs.   Justin G4TSH collects several poles and numerous antenna bits.
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G3TXF's OptiBeam 9-5 with a 6m beam above.   Ian G3WVG and Steve G0KEY dismount beam.   Ian G3WVG removes the tower's axle.
pic 23   pic 22
The lift-off of the lower section of the tower from the base-post....   .... and moving QTH.
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G3TXF's QSLs are carefully packed into boxes.   Fourteen Bisley cabinets housed the QSLs.   Wires and cables store - miles & miles of it!
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One of the many loads taken to the local tip .. sri, "recycling centre"...   .... and here's another van load heading for the recycling centre.
NPK-3   NPK-12
Nick M0NPK's trailer all loaded up with tower sections ready to go....   .... but it's a tight fit getting the trailer out through the front driveway.
NPK-1 NPK-2 NPK-11
Nick M0NPK with tower section on trolley   Trying to cut the base-post with a disc cutter   Loading tower sections onto the trailer
NPK-8   NPK-7
Nick M0NPK cutting off the base-post.....   .... with the two gas cylinders of an oxy-acetylene torch
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Bob GU4YOX, Nigel G3TXF, Ian G3WVG with two ancient Three As plaques (Bristol Trophy and Gravesend Trophy) dating from 1985.   GU4YOX/m: Bob's nice car parked at G3WVG -- sadly there was no roof-rack with which Bob could take two large QSL filing cabinets back to GU!
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David G3WGN : one of the two large towers.   Partially unloaded Transit-van full of radio 'stuff'   Four bikes were part of the many loads moved.
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100m drum of LDF5-50 (7/8" heliax) delivered to G3WGN Contest station.   Ian G3WVG and David G3WGN at David's excellent QTH near Totnes.