CQWW CW Contest - November 2009
IOTA : EU-012 - WAB : HU27
Eshaness Lighthouse : SCO-075

MZ5B - Shetland

The Eshaness Lighthouse with the 40m antenna used by MZ5B for CQWW CW Contest 2009. The 40m vertical is flexing in the breeze. Ian G3WVG (MZ5B - SOSB 40m) made 2,500 QSOs operating CQWW CW 2009 at the Eshaness lighthouse in Shetland.
Dramatic mist-laden sea-views are to be found around the Eshaness Lighthouse on the west coast of Shetland. Ian G3WVG operating the Orion kindly loaned by Hans MM0XAU. Ian's K2 was on the blink. The day was saved by Hans - tnx Hans!
QSLs for MZ5A - MZ5B - via G3TXF:

73 - Ian G3WVG

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