VK9XG : Christmas Island : 17-29 October 2018
Tony G2NF, Chris G3SVL, Nigel G3TXF, David G3WGN, and Mike G3WPH plan to operate from Christmas Island as VK9XG for two weeks from 17 to 29 October 2018.
Tony G2NF, Chris G3SVL, Justin G4TSH and Mike G3WPH setting up the networking software (at the G3TXF QTH) for the four Elecraft K3s to be used at VK9XG. The VK9XG group are hoping for some excellent (CW, FT8 and just possibly SSB) pile-ups while on Christmas Island. We will also try to be significantly active on both 80m and 160m.
Fuller details of the VK9XG operation can be found on the VK9XG Website
VK9XG QSLing : we hope to be regularly uploading the full VK9XG log to both Club Log and LoTW during the operation. If you would like either a Bureau QSL or a Direct QSL, please use the excellent Club Log OQRS service to request your QSL.

Please do not send any cards for VK9XG either through the mail or through the Bureau.

No Direct QSLs, pse ! No Bureau QSLs, pse ! Your cards are really not needed ... just use Club Log's excellent OQRS - Thank you.

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