XR0YG - CW DX-pedition to Easter Island : Mar 2013
Michael G7VJR, Nigel G3TXF, John G4IRN and Martin G3ZAY made 24,000 CW QSOs in seven days. More photos on XR0YG.com
Easter Island (CE0Y) is a five hour flight across the Pacific Ocean from Santiago. En route the plane passes Juan Fernandez (CE0Z). John G4IRN, Martin G3ZAY and Michael G7VJR arriving at the airport (IPC) on Easter Island after long flights from London.
Antenna work on arrival starts with the unpacking of the two large ski-bags which contain various fibre-glass poles and coax cables. Within a short time after arrival: Michael G7VJR with several vertical antennas now ready for the start of the XR0YG operation.
The famous Moai statues are found in many places around the island. Not all are standing like these. Many have toppled over. John G4IRN's KPA500 worked faultlessly throughout the XR0YG operation. G3TXF and G7VJR used Tokyo High Power amplifiers.
Water carriers Michael G7VJR and John G4IRN. Several large bottles of water were purchased for use in the shack each day By chance each of the four operators at XR0YG had brought along his own Begali Traveller CW key-paddle. Excellent they were too.
A TH-550X amplifier, small lap-top, external keyboard, Elecraft K3, Begali paddle and 12v PSU at G3TXF's operating position. John G4IRN had some excellent high-rate CW pile-up runs on the HF bands, particularly on 12m and 10m.
Ferrites (as seen here on the 30m antenna) helped reduce the inter-station interference. The 160m inverted antenna (on an 18m mast) with a Norfolk pine in the back-ground. Michael G7VJR and John G4IRN photograph a model Moai statue.
A 2:1 Un-Un (together with many radials) at the base of the 160m inverted-L antenna. Power cuts: the local electricity supply failed twice during the XR0YG operation. These two Moai do not seem interested in the XR0YG DX-pedition. Seen it all before?
Meeting up with local DXers/contesters while passing through Santiago on the way to Easter Island: Dale CE2/VE7SV (now CE2AWW), Michael G7VJR, Roberto CE3CT, Pedro CE3FZ, John G4IRN and Martin G3ZAY at lunch soon after arriving from the UK. Contesters Pedro CE3FZ and Roberto CE3CT at CE3CT's excellent contest location on the outskirts of Santiago. Dale CE2/VE7SV (now CE2AWW) is also part of the contest team at CE3CT.
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