CW DX-pedition to SYRIA : 9-15 April 2008
In the shack at YK9G Roger G3SXW, Nigel G3TXF, Lionel G5LP, Fred G4BWP and Rob GM3YTS with FT2000D station. Out on the roof at YK9G Roger G3SXW, Rob GM3YTS and Fred G4BWP get set to install a dipole for 40m/80m.
Fred G4BWP and Roger G3SXW working on the roof-mounted antennas used by YK9G at the YK0RJ club station. Rob GM3YTS making some of the first 17m QSOs at YK9G using an FT2000D. YK9G made 6,300 (net) CW QSOs in the first 24hrs.
Nigel G3TXF with Omar YK1AO and Marwan YK1AU who are hosting the YK9G team at the YK0RJ club-station in Damascus. Lionel G5LP operates a K2 and Acom 1010 at one of the two YK9G stations on the air simultaneously from the YK0RJ club.
Hikmat YK1AM (son of Syria's first ever radio amateur Rasheed YK1AA) with Omar YK1AO Roger G3SXW using a K2 to good effect running USA pile-ups during the short 20m opening every day.
The 30m quarterwave vertical antenna mounted on the roof with just four radials. Nigel G3TXF, Fred G4BWP and Rob GM3YTS with hills towards north behind. A roof-mounted trapped vertical was used for 17m and 12m.
Fred G4BWP winkling out weak stations on 160m. A 160m dipole was erected for the last two days of the YK9G operation. The YK0RJ club station of the SSTARS is located within a Syrian Telecom Establishment (STE) building in Damascus.
View across the hilly city of Damascus through the base of the 30m vertical antenna from the roof of the STE building. YK9G used a K2 and this FT2000D plus two ACOM 1010 amplifiers. Note the Daily QSO Rate Graph posted on the shack wall!