Kosovo : Z60A : Jan-Feb 2018 : a new DXCC Entity

The Jan-Feb 2018 Z60A operation involved several operators at the two stations. These photos are from G3TXF's visit.

Dietmar DL3DXX and Paul DL5CW arrive for a week's intensive CW operation at Z60A : two K3s, an Acom 1010 and an SPE 1k Jim K9JF and Martti OH2BH at one of the two stations used for the January-February 2018 Z60A multi-operator activation.
Sunrise in Kosovo from the Z60A shack window. Despite high local noise levels significant numbers of QSOs have been made on LF. Feed-point of a 160m Inverted-L antenna which ran to the top of the tower with three over-ground elevated radials.
Jaakko OH1MA, Henry OH3JR and Jim K9JF. Jim K9JF operated a lot of Stateside SSB from this location. Dietmar DL3DXX and Paul DL5CW brought along their Lagunaria DX Group DX-pedition banner.
The 20-15-10 HF beam at one of the Z60A sites is on top of an unfinished building. Sandro VE7NY and Feti Z61FF with the HF beam visible on the roof in the background. Long-time CW aficionados : Nigel G3TXF and Tine S50A meet up at Z60A.
Fehmi Z62FB and Sandro VE7NY at the CW station. Tine S50A and Franc S51F drove the 1,000km from Slovenia to Kosovo passing through a number of borders.
Franc S51F operating Z60A at the CW station. Franc S51F and Tine S50A operated from here for about one week. Tine S50A, Jaakko OH1MA, Martti OH2BH and Franc S51F.
Driton Z61DX, Mario Z6/S56A (visiting the Z60A site at lunch-time) and Martti OH2BH. Nigel G3TXF and Sandro VE7NY at the CW station. Nigel G3TXF operated on HF while Sandro VE7NY operated at night on LF.
During three days operating at Z60A G3TXF made 3,300 CW QSOs. QSOs with FOC Members are tabulated here ......

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