Post CQWW CW Contest Dinner - Dec 2009

The twelve attendees at the 2009 post-CQWW Contest Dinner in Chessington represented several different CQWW Contest categories including : Multi-Two (9L5A), SOAB (5B/G4IRN, G4BUO), SOSB (G0CKV, GU4YOX, MZ5B), SOSB/A (G3TXF) and SWL (EA8/G3SXW/p). The 'overseas' guest visitor was Bob GU4YOX from Guernsey.

At table : Nigel G3TXF, Paul G4CCZ, Dave G4BUO, Olof G0CKV, Peter G3ZSS, Justin G4TSH, Fred G4BWP, Roger G3SXW, Bob GU4YOX, John G4IRN, Don G3XTT, Nigel G0VDZ with Ian G3WVG behind the camera taking the photo. Roger G3SXW, Olof G0CKV, Paul G4CCZ, Justin G4TSH, Bob GU4YOX, Fred G4BWP (one of the five Ops at 9L5A) and Nigel G3TXF.
Paul G4CCZ and Dave G4BUO. Olof G0CKV (40m SOSB in CQWW-CW) and Peter G3ZSS.
Bob GU4YOX and John G4IRN (5B/G4IRN on 20m in CQWW-CW). Ian G3WVG (MZ5B 40m SOSB) presides at the head of the table.
Bob GU4YOX checks Guernsey cards in the TXF QSL Collection Bob GU4YOX and Nigel G3TXF.
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