G3TXF in CQWW-CW Contest - Nov 2009

Two temporary 450ft Beverage antennas were strung out and a dipole with centre at 95ft used for a part-time entry on 160m SOSB/A.

Bamboo supported west facing Beverage Top section blows about in blustery winds before the 2009 CQWW CW Contest.
Short sunny break after an otherwise blustery CQWW contest weekend. Weather was awful. So, relatively, were conditions on 160m!
Temporary 450ft North-East Beverage. Supporting end of 160m dipole at 75ft. 160m dipole with centre at 95ft.
DX (Non-EU) Mults: AF: 3V, 6W, CN, CT3, EA8, EA9

AS: 4L, 5B, EY, JA, UA9, UN

NAm: FM, K, KP2, V4, VE

SAm: HC8, PJ2

Mults "heard" or "seen on the screen" but not worked were 8P5A, HI3TEJ, IS0/K7QB, KV4FZ, NP4Z , P49Y, SV, VE2IM Z2, V26K, VP9I, VQ5V, XE2S, YN2GY and ZY7C.

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