OE5TXF in CQWW-RTTY Contest: Sep 2023

SOSB HP 40m (A) : 1,040 QSOs : 23z : 82c : 41 SP : 335,160 points

This was the second year that OE5TXF has made a Single Band 40m (A) entry in CQWW-RTTY. The only significant change between 2022 and 2023 was the use of a vertical dipole in 2023 as opposed to the low horizontal dipole used in 2022.

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The QSO Rate Graph for OE5TXF iin 2022   The QSO Rate Graph for OE5TXF in 2023.               .
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In 2022 : 37 of the possible 63 States/Provs worked   In 2023 : 41 of the possible 63 States/Provs worked
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For OE5TXF : claimed score in 2022 : 310,155   For OE5TXF claimed score in 2023 : 332,880 as per Win-Test, but 335,160 as per N1MM.
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MMTTY, 2-Tone and GRITTY were used in parallel within N1MM. Without both GRITTY and 2-Tone running many incoming callsigns would simply not be decoded.   OE5TXF operating from a "new" shack in a former heating room (the oil fired central heating has now been replaced by more eco-friendly wood-pellets!).

The table below compares the number of stations worked in the top forty countries between 2022 and 2023. The non-EU countries listed are highlighted:

pic 2   The difference in the number of QSOs in 2022 and 2023 was relatively small (1,000 QSOs in 2022 and 1,040 QSOs in 2023).

The table shows the number of QSOs made with the top-40 DXCC Countries worked.

There are many similarities between numbers of QSOs made with several countries between the two years.

For instance the number of DLs in 2022 was 196 compared with 191 in 2023.

However there was a slight increase in the number of non-EU stations worked.

Significantly the number of USA stations was up from 85 to 123 and the number of Canadians up by over double, from 8 to 22.

In 2023 there were only three countries worked with more than 100 QSOs each : Germany-DL, USA-W and Italy-I.

The number of W/VE States/Provinces worked increased from 37 to 41 and the "points per QSOs" increased fractionally from 2.14 to 2.19

The JA's doubled from 8 to 16.

The number of Ukrainian stations worked increased significantly from 6 to 24.

It is possible that the use of a vertical dipole in 2023 (as compared to a low horizontal dipole in 2022) may have contributed to the increased number of non-EU stations worked.

The vertical dipole antenna was a simple wire taped to a 18m Spiderpole with the lower half of the dipole pulled away from the centre feed point.

The local ground is thick clay. Otherwise there'd be no hope of such an antenna working!

The OE5TXF QTH is on sloping ground, with the upward slope being north-west towards the USA.

The path to USA/Canada therefore unfortunately lies in a relatively difficult direction from this QTH.

Entries in the CQWW-RTTY Contest were made over many years as G3TXF. The most recent as G3TXF was CQWW-RTTY in 2020. From 2021 onwards CQWW-RTTY entries have been made as OE5TXF.

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