G3TXF in CQWW-SSB Contest - Oct 2010

An 80m dipole with the centre at about 85ft was used for an entry in 80m SOSB, together with two receive Beverage antennas.

Nigel G3TXF operating a K3 on 80m SOSB in CQWW SSB 2010. One of the two Beverages running across an adjacent field
Just before the contest I put up an 80m wire dipole at 85ft, which was "rotated" manually with lengths of string. Up to midnight local-time it was firing NE/SW, but from midnight to dawn it was swung round to be on NW/SE.

Not sure if it made much (if any!) difference, but seemed like a good idea to try to maximise on the stuff from the east in the early evening and then W/VE for the rest of the night. Two Beverages were used for receive. One 600ft Beverage on the USA and another 450-footer pointing south-east. Could have done with other ones pointing north-east and south-west. But that'll be for next time.

Had no idea there just so many DO stations in Germany these days. Worked buckets full of them. Countries heard, but missed, include 4L0A, 9K2HN, SX5P and TK5EH.

Quite a few Zone "got-aways". Heard Zone 6 (XE2CQ) only once. Also heard a VK4 in Zone 30 calling others, but I could never find a Zone 30 myself. Along with others I spent some time calling a loud B7P in Zone 24 who was seemingly having great difficulty hearing anything much in Europe. Another easy Zone missed was LP1H in 13. However was pleased to get a few Zone 3 stations just around sunrise.
Mobile trailer tower supports 80m dipole.
Also very pleased to work A73A a full forty minutes before my sunset on the Sunday. Another nice surprise was working 9M6LSC bang on my sunset on the Saturday.

Win-Test tells me that I was QRV for just 24 hours.
This weekend I have done more DXing on "80m SSB" than I've done for many years!

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