M5B and G3TXF in CQWW-SSB Contest - Oct 2013

Ian G3WVG operated SOSB 10m as M5B while Nigel G3TXF made a part-time SOSB entry on 80m.

Ian G3WVG works on assembling the matching for the two 4-el 10m yagis used by M5B in CQWW SSB. Ian G3WVG operating on 10m (SOSB) as M5B in CQWW SSB with a Kenwood TS-590 and an Alpha 89 amplifier.
One 4-el 10m yagi was at 80ft and the stack of two 10m yagis was only at about 30ft. At the beginning of the contest both 10m beams were pointing in the same direction.... .... however once the wind started blowing the two beams ended up at right-angles!
G3TXF operated SOSB 80m with a dipole at 90ft. The Win-Test graph shows the activity for the first night compared to 2009. The pole (on top of the 80ft Versatower) holding the 80m dipole got bent on the way down due to the antenna wire getting snagged!
The Win-Test summary for M5B's SOSB 10m entry in CQWW SSB 2013 shows 38z and 112c with 2,222 net QSOs.

The two stacked 10m beams could not be raised above 30ft because of the windy weather.

Operating as SOSB-Assisted on 10m SSB the previous year (2012) G3TXF had made 2,132 QSOs (39z and 152c) with a single 10m beam. Yes, more Mults, of course, but fewer QSOs!

The two Zones missed by
M5B were Zone 2 (yes, there was some activity in Zone 2) and Zone 37. The previous year (2012) G3TXF had also missed Zone 37 in his 10m SOSB-Assisted entry..
Two bands for CQWW-SSB 2013: two antennas (1x4 el and 2x4 el) for 10m (M5B) and a simple dipole for 80m at 90ft (G3TXF).
M5B Zones tables for 2013. Only Zone 2 and Zone 37 were missing.
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