M5B and G3TXF in CQWW-SSB Contest - Oct 2014

Ian G3WVG operated SOSB 80m as M5B while Nigel G3TXF did a SOSB-A entry on 10m.

Ian G3WVG installed a simple but effective 80m vertical with 1.5km of radials for a SOSB 80m operation as M5B in CQWW SSB. Ian G3WVG operating on 80m (SOSB) as M5B in CQWW SSB with a vertical (and two dipoles) and two receive antennas.
80m vertical in the low evening sun. A 63ft wire on an 18m Spider-Pole. 80m vertical (on left) and 80m dipoles at 80ft and 95ft up at the centre....
.... ooops! How did that happen? On Sunday morning the 80m vertical fell sideways.
One of the two Beverage (this one is 480ft and runs SE/NW) used on 80m by M5B (Ian G3WVG). The other Beverage was SW/NE. Nigel G3TXF searching for Mults (and battling with the "Cluster pile-ups") while operating SOSB-A on 10m with a 4-el yagi at 80ft.
M5B operated for about 30 out of the 48 hours, making 1,628 SSB QSOs, 16z and 78c on 80m. Three Zones were missed by G3TXF operating on 10m: heard, by failed to work, a C91 in z37. No other z37 heard. And never heard anything from z19 or z34. Lucky to get just one QSO with each of z1 (KL7RA) and z31 (KH7XX).
4el yagi on 10m at 80ft.
Secrets revealed : how to you keep going operating 80m SOSB on SSB solidly throughout the CQWW Contest? Red Bulls + Coffees.
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