M5B and G3TXF in CQWW-SSB Contest - Oct 2015

Ian G3WVG operated SOSB (A) 80m as M5B while Nigel G3TXF made the tea and worked ZD7W on 160m.

Ian G3WVG installed a simple but effective 80m vertical with 2 km of radials for an SOSB (A) 80m operation as M5B in CQWW SSB. Ian G3WVG operating on 80m SOSB (A) as M5B in CQWW SSB with a vertical, a dipole and two receive antennas.
160m dipole at 90ft (for working ZD7W) and 80m dipole at 80ft for M5B in CQWW SSB. A dramatic sunrise behind the powerlines in North Devon.
Ian G3WVG sets up the 80m vertical for M5B prior to the CQWW SSB Contest.
Sun behind a cloud with the 80m vertical with Hartland Point and the Atlantic in the distance. "You can never have too many radials".... Ian G3WVG collecting up the 2km of radials after the CQWW SSB Contest
Ian G3WVG takes a photo of the waves at Morte Point, North Devon. Colourful skies at sunrise during the CQWW SSB Contest. And yes, a ZL did pop up at sunrise for the double-mult on 80m SSB.
M5B operated for about 29 out of the 48 hours, making 1,634 SSB QSOs, 18z and 94c Assisted.

This compares with the previous year's (2014) totals of 1,628 SSB QSOs, 16z and 78c in non-Assisted.
Looking West/South West : the 80m vertical for M5B and an 80ft Versatower supporting two dipoles (160m and 80m)
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