M5B and G3TXF in CQWW-SSB Contest - Oct 2017

Ian G3WVG operated SOSB (A) on 20m as M5B while Nigel G3TXF operated SOSB (A) on 40m.

Ian G3WVG installed a simple 20m vertical for an SOSB (A) 20m operation as M5B in CQWW SSB. Ian G3WVG operating on 20m SOSB (A) as M5B in CQWW SSB with a simple vertical.
40m rotary dipole used by Nigel G3TXF in CQWW SSB 2017. G3TXF and G3WVG in the North Devon car park for CQWW SSB 2017.
View towards Baggy Point with Hartland Point in the distance.
Part of the 700ft Beverage antenna put up soon after the CQWW SSB in order to work VK9CZ on 160m.
Ian G3WVG rolls up the coax after CQWW SSB. Colourful sunset in North Devon during the CQWW SSB Contest.
G3TXF on 40m SSB SOSB (A) : Score and Rate Summary
M5B on 20m SSB SOSB (A) : Score and Rate Summary
Nigel G3TXF operating CQWW SSB 2017 on 40m.There were two major operating breaks : one to fix antenna, one for sleep.
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