G3TXF : IARU HF Championship : July 18
Nigel G3TXF uses a IC-7851 (and an Elecraft KPA-500) to chase the 63 WRTC stations in the 2018 IARU HF Championship.
Just like four years ago (in the 2014 IARU HF Championship) this time again in 2018, G3TXF focussed exclusively on working the WRTC participants (i.e the Y8 stations) during the IARU HF Test.

In total 395 QSOs were made with the 63 WRTC Stations across
630 possible band-slots (63 stations on two modes on five bands).

A full-house of 63 WRTC Stations was achieved on both 80m and 40m CW. 62 Y8 stations were worked on 20m CW, 60 on 15m CW and 41 on 10m CW.

By comparison the SSB totals were all much less with the highest band being 20m SSB with just 40 WRTC Stations worked.
40m SSB was second best with 36 worked.

The full table of Y8 stations worked by G3TXF (both in callsign order and in descending number order) can be found here.

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