G3TXF : RDA Contest : 15-16 August 2020

The received exchange in the RDA Contest is the Russian District. There are currently about 2,700 different Russian Districts. The RDA Contest started at 08z on Saturday and ran for 24 hours until 08z Sunday.

G3TXF operated for about 19 hours, making 806 QSOs with 323 RDA multpliers. Although the RDA Contest runs on six bands from 160m to 10m, G3TXF's operation was just on four bands : 80m, 40m, 20m and 15m.

The Multipliers (unlike in most contests) are not per band, but are just once, across all bands.

Similar to the "big Russian contest" (the RDXC in March) the adjudication rules for the RDA Contest are quite strict. As well as losing QSO points for mis-logging a call or incoming report, you will also lose points when the other station gets your callsign or serial number wrong. Points are also lost where a log is missing or if a worked call is unique.

Although the RDA Contest is on both CW and SSB, it is the CW section that is the most supported. As with other Russian contests, the CW operating is, at times, both fast and furious.

The antennas at G3TXF were three fixed wire dipoles for 80m, 40m and 20m at about 70ft high, strung out just below a 7el yagi for 6m. For 15m, the 40m dipole was force fed through a tuner. There was no antenna for 10m or 160m. Two of the dipoles in the photo (40m top right and 20m lower left) have baluns at their feed points. The 80m dipole (at the far left) currently has no balun.

The RDA Contest website has results going back to 2003. Full UBN Reports are shown for each RDA Contest entrant since 2012. Each adjudicated log shows the confirmed Russian Districts that have been worked. The table below shows the six RDA Contest entries made by G3TXF since 2008. The score reductions (%) are listed.

Year Claim QSOs Claim RDAs Claim Score Cfm QSOs Cfm RDAs Cfm Score % Deduction
2008 380     351 225 765,100 n/a
2009 18     18 17 3,060 n/a
2011 573 276 1,575,960 552 268 1,479,360 6.1%
2013 646 307 1,996,140 618 303 1,872,540 6.2%
2015 365 216 784,080 336 209 702,240 10.4%
2020 810 324 2,611,440 ? ? ? ?%

The confirmed Russian Districts worked in the contest are added to the RDA Database which then shows each participant how many Russian Districts he has worked. You can check directly by putting your callsign here.