G3TXF : SARTG - WW - RTTY - Contest : Aug 10
The 24-hour SARTG WW RTTY Contest is in three separate 8-hour sessions. Although G3TXF was able to work a similar number of QSOs during the first two sessions (440 Qs and 446 Qs) the same rate could not be maintained for the final session where just 246 QSOs were made, bringing the total to 1,132 QSOs. Wet autumn weather in North Devon: Despite a magnificent sunset on the horizon over the Bristol Channel in the far distance, it is pouring with rain in the foreground around one of the trailer masts.
Nice Tahitian DX! Phil FO8RZ was worked on two bands during the SARTG WW Contest. Michel FO5QB was also worked on 20m.
Camper QRM: Ian G3WVG and son Tom arrived for a camping break just before the end of the SARTG Contest. Seen here setting up their tent through the guys of one of the mobile-towers.
SARTG WW Contest : Score Summary : A number of QSOs and multipliers were missed on 15m due to the absence of a proper antenna for that band (apart from the 40m dipole!).
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