G3TXF : WAE-CW Contest : Aug 10
North Devon Sunset with a Versatower M80 trailer in the foreground. Lundy island (19 miles away) can just be seen to the left of the tree. Antennas for WAE-CW: 20m: 3-el yagi at 80ft, 40m: rotary dipole at 80ft (in foreground), 80m: dipole, 15m: (40m dipole), 10m: nil.
It's the magic of the QTCs that defines the WAE CW Contest.

With the excellent
logging software available, almost everyone nowadays sends their QTCs in the correct sequence. And receiving them is great fun too. Getting a full set of ten clean QTCs into the log is just as much fun as finding another Multiplier!

Had intended to start contest at 0000z, but overslept a bit after a pre-contest snooze. Started about one hour late. Had a further three short breaks during the contest, totalling just over 12 hours, and was then able to keep going right up the end.

During the last hour many non-EU stations are frantically trying to
dump their last few QTCs on anyone passing by, while the EU stations are looking for any non-EU with a stack of uncleared QTCs going begging!

Had no real antennas for 15m and 10m. The 40m dipole had to be used on 15m to work just a few mults on that band. Nothing for 10m. 20m and 40m were the main bands, with 20m being open to the USA for long periods.

Despite there being one or two loud JAs
on 20m there were never any runs of JAs. It's the Asiatic Russians to the East and the USA/Canada to the West that provide the volumes of QSOs with several nice multipliers from other parts of the world thrown in.
The "Receive QTC" screen in Win-Test. It's the logging software that helps making the receiving of ten clean QTCs so much fun!
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Summary for G3TXF's entry in WAE CW Contest 2010.