G3TXF : WAE-CW-Contest : August 2020

It's the magic (or, if you prefer, the demonic) QTCs that define the WAE-CW-Contest. Nowadays with the excellent logging software available, almost everyone sends the QTCs in the correct sequence.

However receiving the QTCs correctly is still both a challenge (particularly at some of the wilder QRQs used for sending them) and great fun. Getting a full set of clean QTCs is just as much fun as finding another Multiplier!

Started operating at around 0600z on Saturday. In total G3TXF did just under 36 hours operating with short additional breaks of one hour, one hour and four hours.

The antennas were three fixed wire dipoles for 80m, 40m and 20m at about 70ft high. For 15m, the 40m dipole was force fed through a tuner. There was no antenna for 10m.

Win-Test was used for logging. This program is particularly good at helping with logging the incoming QTCs. My own technique for logging incoming QTCs is to concentrate entirely on the typing (and in particular getting the space/enter in the right place) and not to look at the logging screen at all. If I realise that something has been mistyped in error by me, I do not try to correct it during the QTCs but will usually come back and make the correction afterwards. It is only too easy to mess up the latter QTCs, if you get distracted into trying to correct an earlier QTC.

By way of QSO target I was using my own entry in the WAE-CW-Contest 2010 a decade ago from the same location, but operating this time without the benefit of the 3-el 20m yagi and 40m rotary dipole that I had ten years ago. Although I was able to get slightly more QSOs than ten years ago (954 vs 907), without the 3-el yagi on 20m I was not able to extract so many QTCs (1,367 vs 1,770) particularly from the W/VE stations, as I had done previously.