The Three A's Contest Group (G0AAA)

Six years of CQ WW CW from the Channel Islands

1981 : GU3SXW (Alderney)

1982 : GU3TXF (Alderney)

1983 : GJ3SXW (Jersey)

1984 - 1985 - 1986 : GJ0AAA (Jersey)

CQWW CW was operated as GU3SXW (1981) and GU3TXF (1982) from the Belle Vue Hotel on Alderney.

In 1981 there were just two operators (G3SXW and G3TXF), but in 1982 Ian G3WVG joined the CQWW CW operation from Alderney. From 1982 onwards it was usually a three-man team : G3SXW, G3TXF and G3WVG.

The call GJ3SXW was used from Jersey in 1983.

The Three A's Contest Group's own callsign (G0AAA) was issued in early November 84. The first airing of this new callsign was as GJ0AAA from Jersey in CQWW CW 1984.

GJ0AAA was operated from the south-western tip of Jersey just by the Corbière lighthouse. The winds (particularly during late November) can be strong on the headland where GJ0AAA put up the antennas.

In 1986 the whole lot (2 x 40ft masts each with an HF beam) collapsed during one strong gust of wind at about 19z on the Saturday evening.

The photo shows Dennis G3MXJ, Roger G3SXW, Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3WVG under what remained of one of the two 40ft masts at GJ0AAA after all the antennas blew down at about 1945z on the Saturday evening diring CQWW CW 1986.
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