"Not the NFD" 2001 : G0AAA/p

2 - 3 June 2001

The RSGB's National Field Day (NFD) was cancelled in 2001 because of "foot & mouth".

Nevertheless G0AAA/p decided to take part in the European Field Day operating from a local garden nursery (many miles away from the nearest sheep or cow).

Picture shows Roger G3SXW and Ian G3WVG operating as G0AAA/p from inside a Ford Transit van.

The G0AAA/p site was in a nursery in Chertsey . This same location has been used for several Field Day operations as it is close to home for us all.

The photo shows the 36ft pole which supports the 256ft centre fed antenna as well as the operating van.

A generator (out of sight to the left) keeps the station running for the 24 hour contest.

Roger G3SXW and Ian G3WVG inside the 'operating van' at G0AAA/p.

The operating position centres around the FT-1000-MP with two networked logging laptops which enables both operators to 'search and pounce' simultaneously on the same band.

The group gave up operating Field Days under canvas about a decade ago and since then have preferred to use a hired van. A decision we never regretted!

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