GD0AAA/p - NFD 2000
In June 2000 the Three A's Contest Group travelled to the Isle of Man to operate as GD0AAA/p in HF Field Day.
The HF Field Day weekend in June always coincides with the Isle of Man's major annual event : the TT Races.

There were thousands of motorbikes and bikers everywhere. Here they are lining up to board the ferry.

The GD0AAA/p NFD site was at Clay Head on the east coast of the Isle of Man, about six miles north of Douglas. WAB = SC 48.

The picture (right) shows the 36ft pole used to support the 256ft centre-fed antenna.

An ATU was mounted on the short pole to the left of the mast. The van was the shack.

Roger G3SXW checks the Ford Transit (hired for Field Day) before setting off on the journey to the Isle of Man.
Ian G3WVG finds a good VHF location from which to use his mobile phone. Ian G3WVG and Roger G3SXW prepare for the departure to the Isle of Man and GD0AAA/p.
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Ian G3WVG and Roger G3SXW logging another QSO as GD0AAA/p.