GI0AAA/p - CW Field Day - June 2012
View of GI0AAA/p CW Field Day QTH Rathlin Island (EU-122) from the Northern Irish coast near Ballycastle. GI0AAA/p (CW Field Day) and GI3TXF/p operations were from the Rue Light on southern tip of Rathlin.
The short ferry crossing from Ballycastle on the mainland to Rathlin (IOTA: EU-122) takes about 45 minutes. Rathlin Island's Rue Light (CW Field Day location) on the southern tip of the island.
Arriving in the small harbour on Rathlin Island. It was a two mile drive from here to the Field Day location.
Two local Rathlin Island residents greet us as we arrive at the GI0AAA/p Field Day location near Rue Point.
Ian G3WVG points to the small promintory in the sea used for the GI0AAA/p and GI3TXF/p operations. Ian G3WVG operating GI0AAA/p CW Field Day with a Kenwood TS-590 from a windswept Rathlin Island.
A 6m beam is purchased en route from Peter MI0CIB in Coleraine. High-Visibility jacket on the Rathlin Island ferry. Walkway down to the Rue Light at Rue Point on southern tip of Rathlin.
Nigel G3TXF with the 4el 6m beam used to make just seven QSOs in the UK SMG Contest, but 1,290 CW QSOs were made on 30m as GI3TXF/p from EU-122. Keeping the generator running is a vital part any Field Day operation. Ian G3WVG tops up one of the two Honda E10 generators (one E10 was just for back-up).
Operating tent at the windy CW Field Day site on Rathlin. Mid-summer dawn with the Rue Light on Rathlin.
GI0AAA/p used a 20m two-element phased array right by the sea. Marconi's first commercial wireless link was made to Rathlin in 1898. The small car ferry "Canna" arrives into Rathlin harbour.
Ian G3WVG returning home on the Belfast to Liverpool ferry after a fun weeklend operating GI0AAA/p on 20m only in the European CW Field Day from Rathlin Island. Nigel G3TXF made just seven [!] CW QSOs operating as GI0AAA/p in the UK SMG's Summer 6m Contest, whereas GI3TXF/p made 1,290 CW QSOs on 30m.