GI0AAA/p - SSB Field Day - September 2009
Ian G3WVG en route to the GI0AAA/p operation from Rathlin Island (EU-122) for SSB Field Day QSL shows Ian G3WVG en route to Rathlin Island for SSB FD, as well as an outline map to show the location.
"We try harder": GI0AAA/p with laptop, IC-706 in glove compartment and ATU from the Avis mobile shack. Ian G3WVG goes right to the edge to operate GI0AAA/p from a grassy cliff-top location.
Ian G3WVG travelled to Rathlin Island from London and back in less than two days to put GI0AAA/p on the air.
Is that the sun trying to break through the clouds at GI0AAA/p? Surely not. Note the open-wire feeder.
Rathlin Island (EU-122) is a 45 minute ride on the ferry from the GI mainlaind. Open wire feeder in the rain at the windswept GI0AAA/p SSB Field Day QTH on Rathlin Island.
Meanwhile back in the home-country : The Blackwood and District Amateur Radio Society GW6GW/p fields a large team for 2009 SSB Field Day:
GW4FCV, GW3LDC and GW4ROV at GW6GW/p GW6GW/p SSB FD team with Steve GW4BLE at right.