7 - 8 June 2003

In June 2003 the Three A's Contest Group completed their round-Britain Field Day excursion and operated from Scotland as GM0AAA/p during HF CW Field Day.

By operating from GM, the Three A's Contest group (G0AAA/p) has now taken part in CW Field Day from each of the seven DXCC Countries (G, GD, GJ, GI, GM, GU and GW) that make up the UK.

The Three A's Contest Group (from left to right ) Roger G3SXW, Ian G3WVG and  Nigel G3TXF have been taking part in National Field Day (NFD) / European HF CW Field Day as the G0AAA/p team since the early 80's.

Although earlier operations were always from a tent, as the years move on, the relative comfort of a van seems more appropriate. (You can always turn the engine/heating on at 2 am!)

View of the location used for the GM0AAA/p CW Field Day operation.

The site was located at 130m above sea-level on the Mull of Galloway (the most southerly point in Scotland), with an excellent view of the Mull of Galloway lighthouse in the background. The Isle of Man was also visible (once the mist and cloud finally lifted!). WAB Area : NX13

Ian G3WVG (l) and Roger G3SXW (r) operating GM0AAA/p from inside a 'transit' van: the station is an FT-1000MP and K1EA's CT is used for logging.

Two laptops are networked together so that the second operator can search for stations to work when operating in "search and pounce" mode within the same band. Two large LCD screens help making logging easier.

A Honda Eu10i generator powered the station during the 24-hour operation.

The antenna at GM0AAA/p was a 264ft centre fed wire using open-wire feeder at 35ft above the ground.

An automatic ATU is used at ground level (see the black box on the end of the open-wire feeder in the picture).

The auto-ATU allows quick band-changes. One side of the antenna is taken to a second mast and the other side comes down to ground level in the far distance.

The auto-ATU is connected to the rig using a 30m length of coax.

Roger G3SXW (l) seen here operating the GM0AAA/p station during a visit by two local amateurs from Girvan : Eric GM0FSZ and Jim GM3VNW.

Both Eric and Jim are members of the active local Wigtownshire Amateur Radio Club (GM4RIV) which meets in Stranraer.

Jim GM3VNW, who is involved in CW training for new radio amateurs, is seen on the right.

Ian G3WVG ...... with video camera in hand, even on Field Day!

Ian G3WVG is chief coordinator of the annual G0AAA CW Field Day activity, including sorting out the antenna, ATU and computer networking etc.

The GM0AAA/p station is housed inside a van. A van is more comfortable and drier/warmer for operating than a tent.

All the equipment is driven to the CW Field Day site in the hire van.

Nigel G3TXF seen here sitting at the rig during a break between making cups of tea for the GM0AAA/p CW Field Day operation.

The road journey to the GM0AAA/p site was a 500-mile drive from home.

On the way up, we stopped overnight at John G3WGV's new QTH in Cumbria, conveniently situated a few miles south of the border with GM.

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