European CW Field Day - Outer Hebrides

5 - 6 June 2004

GM0AAA/p made 1,099 CW QSOs during the 24 hours of the Field Day contest (restricted section) : 160m = 150, 80m = 124, 40m = 283, 20m = 429, 15m = 108 and 10m = 5 QSOs.

The Three A's Contest Group (G0AAA) operated the 2004 European CW Field Day (NFD) as GM0AAA/p from the Eye of Lewis near Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides (EU-010). WAB square = NB53 (Western Isles)

This is the Group's second visit to Scotland for Field Day. In 2003 they operated as GM0AAA/p from the Mull of Galloway - the most southerly point in Scotland.

The Three A's Contest group (G0AAA/p) has taken part in CW Field Day from each of the seven DXCC Countries (G, GD, GJ, GI, GM, GU and GW) that make up the UK.

Roger G3SXW operates GM0AAA/p
Ian G3WVG masterminds the antenna system at GM0AAA/p. A remote controlled auto antenna tuner unit (SGC) is used with a 264ft centre-fed dipole. This year the antenna was on a 250ft hill overlooking the sea with a clear take-off to the south-east.
Ian G3WVG and Roger G3SXW collect the scaffold poles and the 'operating van' from a local hire company in Stornoway.
GM0AAA/p received several visits by 'locals' from Stornoway, including Ian GM0DRU, Dolan GM0LZE, Carl MM3TYR, Danny MM3IOL, Ian MM0BFF and Jon GM3JIJ.
View towards the South (and the Shiant Islands) past the centre support guyed scaffold pole used for the GM0AAA/p antenna.
Nigel G3TXF up-dates an expenses sheet while Roger G3SXW makes QSOs as GM0AAA/p.
Ian G3WVG and Roger G3SXW keep warm in the GM0AAA/p Ford Transit field-day 'shack'.
Ian G3WVG (l) welcomes Jon GM3JIJ (r) and his brother David to the GM0AAA/p site.
The GM0AAA/p site was next to an aeronautical VOR beacon at Baybie, just outside Stornoway.
The 264ft centre-fed dipole at GM0AAA/p was fed by "classical radio" open wire transmission line. There was a 100m run from the rig to the auto-ATU at the base of the antenna mast.
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