GU0AAA/p - NFD - HF CW Field Day - 2005
The Three As Contest Group [G0AAA] continued their round Great Britain tour for NFD by operating for a second time as GU0AAA/p from near Fort Doyle on Guernsey.

The previous operation from this same location was for NFD in June 2002.

The 1,152 QSOs made in June 2005 was a slight improvement over the 2002 total of 1,121 QSOs.

Ian G3WVG unpacks the G0AAA/p ATU after the Three As Group's visit to Guernsey for NFD 2005. Ian G3WVG adjusts the feed on the 264 ft open-wire fed dipole, supported by a Russian made telescopic mast.
The 15-minute QSO target sheet designed to keep GU0AAA/p operators awake, alert and motivated. One Honda E10i generator purrs away the entire weekend. The standby is never even switched on.
View of the Fort Doyle GU0AAA/p site from the Poole ferry as it arrives off the north east side of Guernsey. Roger G3SXW and Ian G3WVG discuss the merits of gorse bushes and the positioning guy wires.
G3TXF/m and trailer await to embark on the returm ferry to Poole from St Peter Port, Guernsey. Ian G3WVG takes a rest while Roger G3SXW searches in va(i)n for 10m QSOs at the beginning of the contest.
Round table: Mike GU4EON, Ian G3WVG, Berni GU0IDA, Roger G3SXW, Phil GU0SUP, Dick GU4CHY. View from the GU0AAA/p Field-Day site to Fort Doyle and the north.
Ian G3WVG and Berni GU0IDA discuss field-day tactics at the Crabbie Jacks restaurant in Guernsey. Mike GU4EON prepares his camera ready for the GU3HFN/p Guernsey Club operation during NFD-05.
Ian G3WVG operates the Nr 1 position at the GU0AAA/p field site from inside a rental van. GU0AAA/p sticks to the contest program it knows best: CT. OK, CT can't score NFD, but it's robust, and we like it!
The only 'casualty' of this GU0AAA/p operation was the kettle which got accidentally run over by G3TXF/m. Roger G3SXW takes charge of operations out of his first floor window at the Captain Cook Hotel in St Peter Port.