GW0AAA/p - NFD - HF CW Field Day - June 2007
Ian G3WVG, Nigel G3TXF and Roger G3SXW at the GW0AAA/p NFD site on the Severn in South Wales. Ian G3WVG operates GW0AAA/p using an FT-mk-V, two WiFi linked PCs and Win-Test logging software.
Steve GW4BLE at the ATU while listening on wireless headphones. GW0AAA/p open-wire feeder and doublet antenna. Evening visitor at the GW0AAA/p South Wales site : Ross GW3NWS.
Unusually both generators hiccuped this year causing momentary panics during the GW0AAA/p operation. Roger G3SXW issues Steve GW4BLE with instructions on connecting up the feeder system.
The G3WVG QTH in Woking is the nerve centre of all Gx0AAA/p Field Day planning and logistics.
Ian G3WVG operates GW0AAA/p from WAB Area ST48 with Steve GW4BLE monitoring.
Ian G3WVG enjoys his customary NFD fish & chips evening meal by the Bristol Channel at GW0AAA/p. The GW0AAA/p QTH was on a farm in South Wales. Access to the site took us past some of the locals.
Nigel G3TXF takes receipt of a brand new camping kettle - a vital component of every G0AAA Field Day. Roger G3SXW sorts out a muddle (of his own making!) with the G0AAA/p guy ropes.
The quarter-hourly rate sheet used to help GW0AAA/p track progress during the June 2007 Field Day. After the Contest: the van is all packed and ready to go back home. The operators celebrate with a Red Bull.