GW0AAA/p - NFD - HF CW Field Day - June 2008
The GW0AAA/p Generator Log : keeping the generator topped-up is a vital part of every Field Day! Certificates Steve GW4BLE pushes up the GW0AAA/p field-day mast at the South Wales site right by the sea.
Open-wire feeder is used with an auto-ATU to feed a 2x134ft (160m) dipole at GW0AAA/p. Ian G3WVG bashes in one the GW0AAA/p mast stacks at high tide.
Ian G3WVG operates GW0AAA/p from a hire van "shack" for the weekend: FT1kMP-Mark V with Win-Test.
Second lap-top used to display the excellent "targets" graphs within Win-Test: a real QSO incentiviser!
Getting to the GW0AAA/p field-day location requires driving across fields and along some narrow paths. Steve GW4BLE monitors the GW0AAA/p QSOs with wireless headphones while checking the antenna.
Nigel G3TXF, Steve GW4BLE and Ian G3WVG check on the two small Honda generators used at GW0AAA/p. Nigel G3TXF works on a crossword during a sunny Sunday morning break from operating GW0AAA/p.
Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3WVG in the hire-van "shack" used at the CW Field Day operation at GW0AAA/p. Nigel G3TXF looking for more QSOs on the MP Mk-V during the June 08 CW Field Day at GW0AAA/p.