GW0AAA/p - NFD - CW Field Day - June 2010
G0AAA Field Day operations usually start with a hire van being collected by Ian G3WVG. The hire van is loaded with poles, tables, gerry cans, numerous boxes and all the gear for GW0AAA/p.
Ian G3WVG setting up the station for the GW0AAA/p Field Day operation from Goldcliff, Gwent, WAB ST38. Steve GW4BLE peruses the Saturday Torygraph while Ian G3WVG munches yet another M&S sandwich.
GW0AAA/p catering services are provided from the back of G3TXF's mobile: note the kettle on gas stove. The GW0AAA/p site : two masts, operating van, catering vehicle, generator and gerry can in grass.
Two Honda E10i generators are available at the GW0AAA/p site. A pole-mounted auto-ATU makes for fast band-changing at GW0AAA/p. Steve GW4BLE and Ian G3WVG fix flat battery on G3TXF's mobile.
Real Radio Hams use "open-wire feeder": the 160m dipole at GW0AAA/p is fed through ATU and o-w feeder. The GW0AAA/p operators : Nigel G3TXF, Ian G3WVG (with can of post-NFD Red Bull) and Steve GW4BLE.
Steve GW4BLE (who lives close to the GW0AAA/p NFD site) operating MW5A in the Russian-DX-Contest. Nigel G3TXF pressing the F1 key at GW0AAA/p. Win-Test is used as the NFD Contest Logging software.