GW0AAA/p - NFD - CW Field Day - June 2011
GW0AAA/p Field Day operations started with the assembly of a gin pole to raise the main mast to 60ft. Field Day master-mind Ian G3WVG operates the rig, three PCs and WinTest logging at GW0AAA/p.
The final heave-ho on the gin pole by Ian G3WVG to get the 60ft mast up. The second of the three masts used at GW0AAA/p is in the far distance. Steve GW4BLE checks how vertical the main 60ft mast looks.
One of the two Honda E10 generators available just purred away effortlessly during the whole weekend. The callsign on the side of the hire-van is useful for any visitors including, this year, the CC's "NFD Inspector".
No Field Day would be complete without real open-wire feeder. Ian G3WVG and Steve GW4BLE packing the poles back into the van. GW0AAA/p catering is traditionally centred on M&S sandwiches.
Nigel G3TXF makes some 80m and 160m QSOs during the night shift at GW0AAA/p. Job done. Hire van all packed up. Ready to drive home after another fun weekend doing NFD at GW0AAA/p.