GW0AAA/p - NFD - CW Field Day - June 2013
The GW0AAA/p Field Day operation was again from a rental van parked in a field near Newport, South Wales. GW0AAA/p Field Day master-mind Ian G3WVG gets ready to assemble and install the main mast.
Thanks to a gin-pole and swivel foot the mast installation looks effortless. Ian G3WVG checks the mast before the gin-pole is released. Ian G3WVG holds the gin-pole used to install the mast.
Ian G3WVG with Andy MW0MWZ : the mast is ready to be lifted into position for another GW0AAA/p Field Day. Local supporters from Newport, South Wales : Andy MW0MWZ and Steve GW4BLE
Steve GW4BLE and Ian G3WVG at the GW0AAA/p operating position. The radios were Kenwood TS-590s. The GW0AAA/p operating rental van in a field adjacent to Bristol Channel at sunrise on the Sunday morning
Four antennas were used : the 3-el 10m beam in the foreground and the main mast are seen here at sunrise. The GW0AAA/p 10m fixed beam, used to pick up many useful "Es double pointers on 10m" seen here at sunset
A separate 3-el fixed beam antenna was used on 10m. A camping gas stove/kettle provides the essential noctural hot coffees. Separate verticals were used both on 40m (seen here) and on 20m.
Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3WVG at the GW0AAA/p operating position with the two TS590s used this year. Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3WVG in the back of the GW0AAA/p rental van.
The Honda EU10i generator just purrs away effortlessly during the whole of the GW0AAA/p Field Day weekend After doing some 160m and 80m night-time operating Nigel G3TXF takes a snooze in the sunshine.
Ian G3WVG and Nigel G3TXF during the night-time at GW0AAA/p. Ian G3WVG looks out of the GW0AAA/p operating van at sunset. Steve GW4BLE checks the bands on the second TS-590 transceiver.
Carefully selected bricks were used to create the purpose built "operating console" with the 2 x TS590s . Nigel G3TXF hits the F1 key (CQ button) a one zillionth time at the GW0AAA/p Field Day station.