GW0AAA/p - MW5A/p - Field Day - June 2014
The GW0AAA/p Field Day 20m Single-Band operation was from a hill-top field in Monmouthshire, South Wales. Ed GW3SQX (RSGB site inspector), Jack G8DX, visitor Don G3BJ, Ian G3WVG and Steve GW4BLE.
GW0AAA/p (NFD) and MW5A/p (6m UKSMG) master-mind Ian G3WVG with Don G3BJ and Steve GW4BLE. In pole position: Ian G3WVG packs his car ready for the journey to the GW0AAA/p Field Day location in Wales.
The Generator Filling Rota is a key part of every Field Day operation. Steve GW4BLE admits all during a site inspection by Ed GW3SQX. MW5A/p took part in the UKSMG 6m Contest with a 4-el yagi.
Jack G8DX and Steve GW4BLE in the GW0AAA/p 20m operating tent. Don G3BJ and Hilary G4JKS visiting the GW0AAA/p Field Day site at Ian G3WVG's 20m operations tent.
Ian G3WVG draws blood as he puts up the GW0AAA/p 20m antenna in the rain. The G3TXF/p E10 Honda generator provides a token presence for its owner, who was away cycling in the rain.
A Kenwood TS-590 was used by GW0AAA/p for the 20m Single Band entry in Field Day. A surgically begloved Steve GW4BLE appears at the 20m operating tent entrance.
Andy MW0MWZ assists Ian G3WVG with the poles for 20m. Steve GW4BLE operating an ICOM IC-7100 on 6m from the car. No Field Day is complete without a kettle and wholesome catering.
Ian G3WVG at the GW0AAA/p operating position on 20m with a Kenwood TS-590 and WinTest. Jack G8DX operates an ICOM IC-7100 as MW5A/p during the UKSMG's 6m Contest.
Jack G8DX enjoys a refreshment in the sunshine during the GW0AAA/p and MW5A/p Field Day weekend. Full service catering facilities were provided while Ian G3WVG operated GW0AAA/p on 20m.
Thanks to Hilary G4JKS, Jack G8DX, Steve GW4BLE and Ian G3WVG for these nice Field Day photos!