GW0AAA/p - MW5A/p - Field Day - June 2015
Ian G3WVG with his purpose-made operating desk for the 6m station (MW5A/p) during the 2015 Field Day. The traditional Field Day "hired Ford Transit van" gets a tow to help it up to the GW0AAA/p and MW5A/p site.
G3TXF/m helps the GW0AAA/p Transit up the hill in Monmouthshire, just in Wales : SOTA GW/SW-020. Steve GW4BLE operated the MW5A/p 6m station (TS590s and KPA 500 amp) from the Transit front cab.
Nigel G3TXF with the TS590s which was used by MW5A/p on 6m. Four element 6m beam (with rotator) on a short mast at MW5A/p. Ian G3WVG and Steve GW4BLE with the 20m Moxon antenna.
GW0AAA/p power-house : one Honda Eu20i generator (for 6m) and two Eu10i's (one for NFD, one back-up) The GW0AAA/p site showing the 6m beam, the Transit van (used for operating) and G3TXF/m (for snoozing).
Ian G3WVG and Nigel G3TXF with the 20m Moxon on a short pole. Steve GW4BLE rummages for bits in the van during station set-up. Not much time for crosswords with just three ops and two contests to do!
Ian G3WVG and Steve GW4BLE packing up the van after the contests. Steve GW4BLE operates MW5A/p on 6m from the Transit's front cab. "Is a Moxon supposed to look like this?" wonders Steve GW4BLE
The Mark II version (repaired following the mast toppling over!) of Ian G3WVG's Moxon antenna for 20m. Hilary G4JKS and Don G3BJ visit the GW0AAA/p site during Field Day (NFD) and the UKSMG 6m Contest.
The GW0AAA/p Transit van not only carries all the equipment but is also used for two operating positions. G3WVG's K3 was used for the GW0AAA/p single-band Field-Day operation on 20m.
Sheep nibble at the coax feeding the 20m vertical antenna. G3TXF inspects the 20m Moxon antenna soon after it hit the ground.
The second 20m antenna was a vertical with three elevated radials.
Ian G3WVG setting up the 6m station (TS590s with a KPA-500 amp) in the cab of the Ford Transit. Setting off back home with the hired Ford Transit, following another enjoyable 3As Field Day operation..
Thanks to Steve GW4BLE for some of these Field Day photos!