GW0AAA/p : SSB HF Field Day - Sep 2006 - Restricted Section
The Three A's Contest Group (G0AAA) operated HF SSB Field Day from a field south of Newport and close to the Bristol Channel. WAB = ST38.

Having missed the CW Field Day event (in June) for the first time in many years, G0AAA was determined not to miss SSB Field Day in early September.

Steve GW4BLE found the site.

Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3WVG drove to South Wales early on the Saturday morning.

The combination of the early start (1300z) and the heavy rain made it touch and go whether GW0AAA/p would be on the air by the start of the contest. We were, but only just!

The centre of the GW0AAA/p 80m dipole for SSB Field Day was on top of a 15m mast which was erected using a short gin-pole. The open-wire feeder from the GW0AAA/p 80m dipole is connected to a remote auto-ATU mounted on a short stake.
Steve GW4BLE shows how it's done on SSB at GW0AAA/p. Station : FT1k MP MkV, WriteLog, PC network and laptop. The GW0AAA/p group: Steve GW4BLE, Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3WVG at the SSB FD site near Newport and the Bristol Channel.
Nigel G3TXF keeps a close eye on the two Honda EU-10 generators at GW0AAA/p. Key components of the GW0AAA/p SSB Field Day: hired van (with station) - no tents, pse! -, antenna mast, generators and a field.
Ian G3WVG operates the MkV Field at GW0AAA/p. Digital Voice Keying (DVK) and the "F1" key made CQing on SSB much easier. The two towers of the new Severn Crossing Bridge can just be seen in the background (to the right of G3WVG) from the sea-wall.