GW0AAA/p - IARU Reg1 SSB Field Day - Sep 2007
Sunrise at the GW0AAA/p 2007 SSB Field Day site near Newport in South Wales. See/hear GW0AAA/p in action! Steve GW4BLE operating in the GW0AAA/p field-day shack (in a hire-van). Rig: FT1k-MkV with two laptops.
Ian G3WVG watches a magnificent South Wales sunrise : GW0AAA/p.
Two masts: one supports the centre of a 2x20m open-wire-fed dipole GW0AAA/p antenna masts in the early morning ground mist.
Ian G3WVG field-day mastermind at GW0AAA/p. G3TXF multi-tasking: doing a cross-word and watching the generator. Local field transport transport at GW0AAA/p with main mast behind.
Roger G3SXW and Steve GW4BLE at the GW0AAA/p SSB operating position inside a hire-van. Ian G3WVG, Roger G3SXW, Nigel G3TXF and Steve GW4BLE after the GW0AAA/p SSB FD operation.