GW0AAA/p - SSB Field Day - September 2012
Ian G3WVG and Steve GW4BLE at the GW0AAA/p operating position for the Sept 2012 SSB Field Day. Ian G3WVG packs up the car and the hired van before setting of for the GW0AAA/p field day in South Wales.
A master-class by Ian G3WVG on how to use a gin-pole on Field Day. An auto-tune ATU is used to connect the open-wire feeder to the station. The GW0AAA/p Field Day centre pole goes up effortessly.
A huge amount of "Field Day stuff" is packed into the hire van, including chairs, table and boxes of cables etc. A short gin-pole is used to make light work of pulling up the centre mast at GW0AAA/p.
Ian G3WVG, Steve GW4BKG and Steve GW4BLE get ready to set up the station at GW0AAA/p. The GW0AAA/p field day team : Steve GW4BKG, Steve GW4BLE, Ian G3WVG and Nigel G3TXF.
Ian G3WVG, Steve GW4BLE and Steve GW4BKG cleaning hands after some muddy antenna work. Open-wire feeder comes from the centre of the 80m dipole to the tuning box mounted on a short post.
Steve GW4BKG watches as Ian G3WVG operates GW0AAA/p. There are two networked laptops. Colour coordinated operators Nigel G3TXF and Steve GW4BLE at 2012 SSB Field Day : GW0AAA/p.
Setting up the camera for a group photo is a tricky job. Steve GW4BKG with the hire van as it makes a tight turn to exit the field used for GW0AAA/p field days.
GW0AAA/p's final QSO : DL0SO/p at 1259z The messy "generator topping up log" at GW0AAA/p.
Shorter second mast supports one end of the open-wire fed 80m dipole. DX Cluster connection is provided through a separate, somewhat smaller, mag-mount antenna on the van roof.