GW0AAA/p - SSB Field Day - September 2014
Steve GW4BLE and Jack G8DX at the GW0AAA/p operating position for the Sept 2014 SSB Field Day. Evening scene : TA33jr HF beam on a pole and the GW0AAA/p operating tent.
Two Honda E10i generators running in sync to keep the Elecraft K3 and KPA500 amplifier happy. The GW0AAA/p SSB Field Day station in silhouette on the hill-top.
Steve GW4BLE operating the GW0AAA/p SSB Field Day station with plenty of Post-It notes for assistance. Ian G3WVG on night-watchman duty at the GW0AAA/p SSB Field Day location.
Foggy weather shrouded the GW0AAA/p SSB Field Day site much of the time... ...however the sun did shine while some VHF back-packers shared our hill-top location for four hours.