The RSGB's G3T G3U G3V QSL Bureau

The incoming RSGB QSL Bureau relies on a number of Sub-Managers who distribute incoming QSLs directly to RSGB Members who are interested in collecting cards and who supply their Sub-Manager with SASEs. QSL Bureau Sub-Managers receive regular parcels of incoming QSLs from Richard G3UGF at the RSGB HQ Bureau.

Check to see the latest status of shipments to the G3T, G3U and G3V series. The tables show the number of QSLs delivered to each Member as well as the number of SASEs remaining following the most recent shipment.

G3T QSLs : Apr 2024
G3U QSLs : Apr 2024
G3V QSLs : Apr 2024

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Nigel G3TXF spends much time sorting cards, whether it's for his own DX-Trips or for the RSGB G3T-G3U-G3V QSL Bureau. G3TXF has been doing the G3T cards since 2007 and the G3U and G3V cards since 2014. During that period over 52,000 QSLs have been delivered to users of the G3T, G3U and G3V Bureaux. With the advent of LoTW demand for paper QSLs has been decreasing over the years. This decline is expected to continue. In early 2007, after fifteen years, Pat G3GMC retired from running the G3R-S-T QSL Sub-Bureau. The G3R-S-T Bureau was then split into three with Roger G3SXW doing G3S, Nigel G3TXF doing G3T and Derek G3RAU doing G3R. The photo shows Nigel G3TXF, Roger G3SXW, Pat G3GMC, Tony G3SNN, Martyn G3RFX and Phil G3SWH at the G3R-S-T QSL hand-over meeting and Thank-You lunch in Bristol in 2007.

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SASEs (Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes) for the G3T-G3U-G3V Bureau   Part of the G3U and G3V shipment in early May 2015. Total 114 letters/packages.   Small purpose-made boxes are used rather than envelopes for larger quantities of QSLs.

The graph shows the number of QSLs delivered to G3T, G3U and G3V Members during the eight years from 2015 to 2022. There has been a large drop in the number of cards shipped during this period and the continuing decline in numbers can also be clearly seen during the more recent years. NB: The "G3T" figures do not include cards for G3TXF (and the cards for the G3TXF-associated DX-peditions etc) as these would significantly distort the figures.

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