G3TXF in ARRL CW Contest 2005
Feb 2005 - G3TXF entered Single Operator Single Band (SOSB) in ARRL DX Contest - CW

Claimed score: 1,435 QSOs 59 mults = 253k points

The contest was operated from G3TXF's North Devon QTH in WAB Area SS44.

Quasi field-day operation from North Devon QTH. Arrived mid-afternoon Friday. Assembled and put 4el 20m yagi onto 80ft crank-up tower. Not quite finished before it gets dark. Wind up tower first thing Saturday morning, just in time to work the huge early morning signal from VE6WQ (first QSO).

Operated 20m Single-Band in two 12-hour sessions. 1,042 QSOs were made on the Saturday, but only 393 Q's on the Sunday. Finding new stations to work on the Sunday was hard work.

The four missing Mults were the usual culprits : VO2-LAB, VY1-YT, VY0-NU and VE8-NWT.

OK these places are all pretty cold and grim in February, but how about someone doing a mini DX-pedition to any of these super-rare Mults for the ARRL-CW Contest? It'd make a nice change from going to the winter warmth of Caribbean just to work the W/VE's - instead, it'd give the "DX" a rare mult in ARRL-CW!

Last QSO 2200z Sunday. First thing Monday morning : wind down tower, dismantle antenna, clear up station and do the four-hour drive back home.

Another great ARRL-CW Weekend!

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