G3TXF (20m) and G3WVG (as M5A on 80m)

ARRL CW Contest - Feb 2006

Feb 2006 - G3TXF entered 20m Single Operator Single Band (SOSB) in ARRL DX Contest - CW

20m - G3TXF : Claimed score: (2006) 1,500 QSOs 58 Mults = 264k points (last year's claimed score was similar : 1,435 QSOs 59 Mults = 253k points)

The ARRL CW was operated from the North Devon QTH: Ian G3WVG operated as M5A on 80m, and Nigel G3TXF did single band 20m.

All antennas were installed in the days prior to the Contest and were taken down and packed away on the Monday morning after the contest.

This year's 20m QSO mix between Saturday (940 Q's) and Sunday (580 Q's) was more even than the 1,042/Sat and 393/Sun last year (2005).

The overall 20m QSO (net) total increased slightly from 1,435 (2005) to 1,520 in 2006. The claimed score is also up a tad.

However a major disappointment in 2006 was missing the VE4-Manitoba Mult - (VE4YU where were you?) on 20m, leaving G3TXF with 58 worked Mults and 5 missing Mults (i.e the usual four hard-core "toughy" Canadian Mults : NWT, NU, YT and LAB, plus, sadly, VE4).

Conditions on 20m seemed to pick up towards the end on Sunday afternoon. The 20m operating time on Saturday was 1000z to 2130z, and from 1005z to 2200z on the Sunday. Total 20m operating time (as per to CT) was 22 hrs, but "sitting in operating chair" time was about 23.5 hrs.

Photo (above) : two 20m antennas on a blustery Monday morning in North Devon after the 2006 ARRL CW Contest.
Feb 2006 - G3WVG entered 80m SOSB as M5A in ARRL DX Contest - CW

80m - M5A : Claimed score (2006) 758 QSOs 51 Mults = 116 k points.

The 80m set up for M5A was an FT1000MP + Alpha 86 with a dipole plus a reflector at 25 Metres. A one-wavelength Beverage Antenna was used for receive.

80m conditions seemed better on the first night. There was no dawn-lift to speak of on the second morning which was disappointing.

However it was great fun with lots of activity, but where was VE4 ..can it really be that rare!?

Ian G3WVG operating as M5A on 80m during the 2006 ARRL CW Contest.
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