Post CQWW CW Contest "BY Dinner"- Dec 2005
Dennis G3MXJ (F5VHY - TM6X), Roger G3SXW (TZ5A), Nigel G3TXF, Ian G3WVG (MW5A), Dave G4BUO (G5W), Paul G4CCZ, John G4IRN (TZ5A) and Justin G4TSH (G5W) attended a post-CQWW dinner in a local BY restaurant in early December.
L-R : Dave G4BUO (G5W), Roger G3SXW (TZ5A) and Ian G3WVG (MW5A).
L-R : Justin G4TSH (G5W), Paul G4CCZ and Dennis G3MXJ (TM6X).
L-R : John G4IRN (TZ5A) and Justin G4TSH (G5W). Nigel G3TXF toasts the CQWW gathering with jasmine tea.
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