Post CQWW CW Contest Dinner - Dec 2007

The ten attendees at the 2007 post-CQWW Contest Dinner in Chessington represented several different CQWW Contest categories, including Multi-Multi (3X5AG3SXW, G4IRN, GM3YTS), Multi-Two (P3F : G3PJT), Multi-Single (G5W : G4BUO, G4TSH), Single Operator All-Band (TM6XF5VHY), Single Operator 80m (MZ5B : G3WVG) and Single Operator 20m (G3TXF).
The scores represented at the Contest Dinner ranged from the world-beating 39 million points claimed by
3X5A down to the slightly more modest 198 points claimed by MZ5A for a Single-Band entry on 10m.

John G4IRN, Laurie G3UML and Rob GM3YTS (travelled fm GM). Dennis F5VHY, Justin G4TSH, Bob G3PJT and Roger G3SXW.
John G4IRN proudly displays new additions to his QSL collection. Ian G3WVG and Dave G4BUO discuss tactics for the 80m CC's.
Ian G3WVG, Justin G4TSH, Bob G3PJT and Roger G3SXW. Laurie G3UML and Nigel G3TXF at the end of the evening.
G3TXF CQWW Contest 2007
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