G3TXF 6m DXCC Worked and Wanted Possibles     Possible DXCC
Wanteds Worked
Europe Worked All EU worked, except the six listed…           61
Possibles EU 4U1               2  
EUs also wanted (R1F) (SV/a) (UA) (UA2)              
Asia Worked A9 E4 EX EY JA JY TA UK UN     15
  YI ZC4 4J 4X 5B4 9K2            
Possibles A6 A7 OD             3  
Africa Worked C5 CN CT3 D4 EA8 EA9 J2 ST ST0     17
  SU TJ TN TZ 5T5 6W 7X 9J2        
Possibles D2 TR 3V 5N           4  
N America Worked FG FJ FM FS HI J7 KP2 KP4 OX      
  V2 V4 VE VP9 VP2M W           15
Possibles C6 J3 KG4 VP2V XE         5  
S America Worked LU OA P4 PY 8R 9Y           6
Possibles CP FY PJ2 PJ4 PJ7 PZ YV ZP   8    
Totals                   22   114
As at : 29-Jun-14
Deleted old PJ5-8