GB5HQ - 20m CW - 2005

Roger G3SXW, Nigel G3TXF, Ian G3WVG operating from near Woolacombe, North Devon

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Three separate yagis were assembled and installed for the 20m CW GB5HQ operation from North Devon. Three 20m yagi antennas (two x 3el ZX 20-3 and one x 4el HyGain 204BA) each at 80ft on mobile trailers.
CQ Contest Hall of Fame member Roger G3SXW, assisted by a cup of tea, operates GB5HQ 20m CW. Ian G3WVG, who had master-minded all the 'computery' for 20m CW, introduces Roger G3SXW to Mr WinKey.
Ian G3WVG operates GB5HQ on 20m CW, supported by two computers and three rotator boxes. Ian G3WVG at the GB5HQ 20m CW operating position with StarLog spread across two computer screens.
Three 20m yagi antennas required three rotators. There was frequent switching between the three antennas. The RSGB's Prefix Guide (seen on top) is used to unravel the mysteries of ITU Zones during the Contest.
(Above) Ian G3WVG fixes an ancient HyGain 204BA to the mast with Roger G3SXW holding the antenna. This photo was taken less than 90 minutes before the start of the 2005 GB5HQ operation.

Antenna building and station set-up operations had taken almost two full days prior to the Contest. The whole lot was dismantled and packed up within three hours after the end of the Contest.

(Left) Nigel G3TXF winds up the 4-el HyGain 204BA to its full height of 80ft on a mobile Versatower. Sorting out problems on the two new ZX yagis caused much winding up and down of towers. A full wind-up takes over 400 turns of the winch. G3TXF estimates that 2,000+ turns of the winches were made (mostly by G3TXF!) during the station set-up.

The clear take-off to the west can be seen on the horizon. The Woolacombe QTH is at 625ft and has a clear downward sloping take-off in all directions except for the south-east where there is a slight upward incline of about 50ft. The 'best' direction is to the South-West where the drop down to the sea is the steepest. South-America, skew-path USA and long-path Japan work particularly well from this location.

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